Bobby Sherman

The President Casino
Biloxi, Mississippi
Photos By Sharon and Diane Meck

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In Biloxi they played a film clip montage first. It was narrated with some bio information about him. It had flashing stills of magazine covers, LP covers, the fan club mug, and other memoribilia as well as clips of his TV Special and Here Come the Brides. Wayne was there, Jerry was directing, I'd seen the keyboard player before, and the rest of the band was new to the show.

In Biloxi the stage was actually behind the bar and you really couldn't get to Bobby unless he walked around the left side and walked out on top of the bar itself. When he did that on Friday I walked up and handed him my flowers, half a dozen purple roses, they smelled really good too. He put them in the mic stand, that's a first for my flowers.

He did the same song list both nights, but promised they were going to add some new songs to the show soon, including Seattle. When Bobby talked about being an EMT, they started another video which he narrated live. It showed him on the job, teaching CPR, and graduating the academy. It was really neat.

Bobby announced that he had just been sworn in as a San Bernadino County Deputy Sheriff, and that now we could call him Deputy Bob! The video ended with a close-up of his new Sheriff's badge. Bobby ended the show singing Julie. He gathered up his flowers and Ann's white teddy bear and made his way through the crowd.

Before Saturday's show Entertainment Director, Dave, passed out some slips of paper and asked people to write down a question for Bobby. That was something new. Diane asked, "What would you most like to find under your Christmas tree?" Dave did ask him that, and he said "Well, I guess I'd just like to find a Christmas tree, I don't have one." Everybody went, "Awhhhhhhh".

When Bobby introduced Jerry he stepped out and started playing "Silent Night" on the guitar and all the Bobby Babes got up, put on Santa hats, and passed out candy canes in the audience! When he got to the part about being a deputy sheriff, we all stood up holding signs saying "Friends of Duputy Bob". Bobby said that we must have been up all night making those signs. Wow, it was another unforgettable weekend.

Merry Christmas Everybody, and I hope we can do it all again in 2000.

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